Have you ever wished you could work against systemic oppression but thought you didn’t have the right skill-set? Have you ever wondered how your talents could possibly be used to help a victim of exploitation?

In the West, we love to classify and categorize people and occupations, but this is often a barrier for people to engage in serving in a different context. For Freedom International wants to remove these misleading categorizations. Below are some of our current, and perhaps unorthodox, volunteer and staff positions. If you don’t see one that fits you but feel you have a unique way to contribute to our work, contact us and let us know!


  • Marketing & Partner Relations Director
    • We are looking for an enthusiastic team member to manage our external and internal communications. You will promote a positive public image and control the dissemination of information on our organizations behalf. You are passionate about meaningful communication, technology, systems, organized and can meet deadlines. You enjoy the task of educating and challenging people through the written or visual media. You think stories are one of the most powerful communication mediums available to any organization. Experience in corporate communications and project management are important qualities but are not a pre-requisite. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude will help you gain the trust of colleagues and external parties alike.


  • Grant Writer
    • We are looking for someone who would help create a process for researching and applying for applicable grants that help fund our programming initiatives. Experience is helpful, but it’s not necessary. This person must be willing to do independent research and pioneer this new method of fund development for FFI.
      • This is a part-time volunteer position based in the U.S. or Canada.

Vocational Training

  • Baker 
    • We are always on the look out for an experienced baker to come to Phuket and help with our baking vocational training program.
      • This can be from a masterclass format of 1-3 weeks or longer in Phuket. Contact us for further information.
  • Salon Stylist 
    • We are looking for licensed cosmetologists to come and train at our salon. This would include training our students in hair cutting, coloring, styling, salon business and helping to write lesson plans for the week.
      • This can be from a masterclass format of 1-3 weeks or longer in Phuket. Contact us for further information.