Everyone deserves a life of freedom; how will you use yours?

By helping to fundraise for FFI, you can loose the chains of oppression that keep millions of people in exploitation. Make your hobby fight for your heartbreak, your occasion an occasion for someone else’s joy. Whatever you do, we’re excited to see the impact it can have.


Get inspired. Need some help brainstorming ideas? Maybe something like one of these catches your interest:

Run a race. Have a dance marathon. Climb a mountain. Get people to sponsor you for distance, duration, or height.

Plan a progressive dinner. Throw a party. Host a themed movie night. Show your friends how together you can fight for freedom.

Instead of asking for birthday presents or sending out a wedding registry, have people to donate to your campaign.



Start your campaign. Make your campaign as unique as you are; give it a catchy name, upload photos, explain your heart, and reach your goal.

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Download your Fundraising Resource Kit. You will find ideas, tips for talking about exploitation and freedom, and how to have the highest impact with your campaign.

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