About FFI

For Freedom International started with a dream by Alliance Canada to see the marginalized, vulnerable, and exploited set free from the injustice of oppression. That dream has drawn our team from around the world to Thailand, a truly beautiful country in the midst of economic development and all the dangerous potential of globalization. FFI has begun our work in the province of Phuket, one of the largest sex tourism destinations in Southeast Asia, and we’re implementing our holistic approach outward, trusting God to bring freedom and hope to the people of Phuket, to the rest of Thailand, to Southeast Asia, and back to those living in the West. For Freedom International does not discriminate on any basis of sexual orientation or faith belief, and we are privileged to provide services to the families, children, and constituents we exist to serve.

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Why a bird?

To us, birds represent freedom; they are free to fly, free to choose their destination, free from snares that can entangle them, and free to soar with joy. Our freedom bird has landed with wings folded, because we also wanted to convey the beauty of being at rest, of being fully restored from situations that caused fear and flight. Our goal is for people to be free to become all that they were made to be, at peace, safe, and confident in their worth.


“Reality isn’t so pretty for many people…
Does the weight of that actually impact who you are?”

Watch this video made by our founder, Darren, in Thailand

Our Values

  • Celebration – We will honor what God has done and remember the best is yet to come.

  • Humility – We will live out God’s story, not our own.

  • Authenticity – We are more aware of our brokenness than our abilities.

  • Excellence – We are not satisfied with mediocrity, because it rarely inspires and often distracts.

  • Boldness – Obedience to God is our profession, and we are freaking warriors.

  • Generosity – We will give irrationally because we know God provides.

  • Accountability – We seek to limit our autonomy by choosing to be answerable.

Meet Our Staff

Darren Herbold

Founding Director

Naomi Herbold

Founding Director

Mattias Bjorkqvist

Operations Director

Viyada Bjorkqvist

Cornerstone Bakery Director

Kaura-lea Dueck

Development Associate

Somruethai Satthathaweekun

Social Worker


Intelligence Team Associate



Tim Moore

Envision Site Director

Nancy Moore

Ministry Coordinator

Chutima (Ked) Chunin

Safe House Manager/Ministry Support Staff

Tanyaluk (Mango) Sakoot

Program Associate

For Freedom International is also privileged to work with many amazing partners.

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