Our baking and salon students will have gone through traumatic and/or dangerous situations before entering our vocational training program. They are brave, strong, and beautiful women who will be in the midst of life transformation, and you can be a part of their journey.

Sponsorship donations cover the monthly costs of living, vocational supplies, and textbooks required for our students to participate in our vocational training programs. On top of providing safe housing and qualified education, we offer a monthly stipend to our students so that they can support themselves while they’re in the program and also save for their future. Altogether, it takes roughly $600 per month to support one student through the training program. Once this amount has been raised the pictures below will say “fully funded.” To see more details of what your sponsorship covers please download the sponsorship brochure below. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

By sponsoring a baking or salon student, you are supporting her to encounter Christ, live in freedom, and have the capacity to change the world.

Click on the student profiles below to begin your sponsorship journey.


Download the Sponsorship Brochure here.

When people grow up in impoverished communities, they have very little chance of growing into their full potential.

By providing holistic vocational training that emphasizes the value of each student, they are equipped for a future where they can thrive.

True growth happens within community, through collaboration. Click on the student profiles below to begin the lasting gift of support!





Pim Pa

Cha Keraw