Have you ever wished you could work against trafficking but thought you didn’t have the right skill-set? Have you ever wondered how your talents could possibly be used to help a victim of exploitation?

In the West, we love to classify and categorize people and occupations, but this is often a barrier for people to engage in serving others in a different context. For Freedom International want to remove these misleading categorizations of who can volunteer to fight trafficking for sexual exploitation. Below are some of our current, and perhaps unorthodox, volunteer positions. If you don’t see one that fits you but feel you have a unique way to contribute to our work, contact us and let us know!


  • Communications Strategist: (volunteer – part/full time) (Phuket)
    •  We are looking for someone to help organize, create and implement our communication strategies. This would include helping to create content and images for blog posts and helping to create an editorial calendar for content delivery through our blog, social media platforms, and Mailchimp general newsletter. This person would also help us develop and launch yearly fundraising campaigns.
      • This is a full- or part-time volunteer position in Phuket, Thailand.
  • Writer:
    • We are looking for someone who is passionate about meaningful communication, who is organized and can meet deadlines if needed, and who enjoys the task of educating and challenging people through the written word. This position is for someone who can inspire others by telling powerful stories of real life people. Familiarity with WordPress and other blogging platforms is ideal.
      • This is a part-time volunteer position from anywhere you can sit and write, but it is preferably from Phuket, Thailand where you can see the stories as they unfold.


Finance Team

  • Donor Liaison: (volunteer – part time) (US or Canada) 
    • We are looking for someone who will help develop and implement our donor appreciation, follow-up, and communication strategies. Donor development is an important part of non-profit work, and we need someone who is all about showing gratitude and care toward others. This person would work with the U.S. Post, our donor database, Mailchimp, and GSuite.
      • This is a part-time volunteer position from either the U.S. or Canada.
  • Grant Writer: (volunteer – part time) (location ~ US or Canada) 
    • We are looking for someone who would help create a process for researching and applying for applicable grants that help fund our programming initiatives. Experience is helpful, but it’s not necessary. This person must be willing to do independent research and pioneer this new method of fund development for FFI.
      • This is a part-time volunteer position from either the U.S. or Canada.

Vocational Training Team

  • Baker (Volunteer – full time. Location – Phuket)
    • *Urgent*
    • We are looking for an experienced baker to come to Phuket and help create curriculum and give leadership to our baking vocational training program.
      • This is a full-time volunteer position in Phuket, Thailand.
  • Salon Stylist (Volunteer – full time. Location – Phuket)

    • *Urgent* 
    • We are looking for a full time licensed cosmetologist to come and be a Lead Hair Educator for our training salon. This would include training our students in hair cutting, coloring, stylist, salon business and helping write lesson plans for the week.
      • This is a full-time volunteer position in Phuket, Thailand.

Come serve alongside For Freedom International and our ministry partners in Southern Thailand as we seek to combat sexual exploitation. Learn more about God and His mission in the world as you immerse yourself in Thai culture, challenge your own cultural biases, and start to understand strategic mission and common challenges in regards to the sex industry. Be prepared to grow both personally and spiritually during your 6-12 month internship.  

  • Experience Thai Culture – Before you can mobilize a nation and combat local issues, first seek to understand that Thai people
  • Explore Missions – Shadow long-term workers, learn about local needs and customs, and discern how God may be calling you to serve Him locally or globally.
  • Encounter God – Deepen your understanding of God’s heart for the nations.
  • Engage in Local Ministry – Use your passions and skills to serve the marginalized through For Freedom International

We can’t wait for you to join us!

The purpose of the FFI Exposure Trips is to foster an opportunity for God to be glorified through church partnership and prayer support, awareness through exposure, transformed worldview, and a nurtured heart for missions. While many other groups offer trips focus on doing, this trip is much more about experiencing how God is working in Phuket, catching the vision for how FFI is combating sexual exploitation and through that discern how God might lead you to bring about freedom!

Exposure Trips are 8-10 days long. For more information on our trips or to apply, email info@forfreedominternational.com

Contact Us to Apply!

Imagine… 12 intense weeks in Thailand living in community with 10 new friends adventuring deeper with Jesus, discovering His heart for you and our broken world. Get your hands dirty with experts fighting human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Be a part of breaking chains of oppression and reflect on the complications and brokenness of a fallen world. Explore culture, faith, missions, and calling, and come home transformed and ready to adventure deeper with Jesus wherever He calls you next. This is YOUR Justice Semester.

Justice Semester (JSEM) is a partnership between Envision Canada (Christian & Missionary Alliance of Canada) and For Freedom International


Email jsem@forfreedominternational.com for more info!