Thank you for considering supporting the For Freedom International family as we live and work in Thailand. We rely 100% on the generous donations of our supporters to help fund our ministry objectives and projects.

Current Needs:

*Our primary project need is to help finish funding the vocational training center. So many of you have given faithfully and we are humbled by your generosity. Would you consider giving above and beyond towards this?  Or, would you consider asking your network to partner with you to support this as well? You are Christ’s kindness to us and the people we serve in Thailand. Together, above all, would Jesus Christ become more famous because of our faithfulness.*

For His name and His fame, always!

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    1. Future Ministry Center:  This will be the ministry and programming hub for our initial activities including the vocational training center, ESL, family and finance education, additional  ministry programs in the Red light districts of Phuket.
      1. April Update  ~ We are excited to provide a full report ove rthe next month. This past months has seen various ups and downs, but we are about to announce an exciting update over the next few weeks.  We don’t want to speak to soon.  Maybe we already have. 🙂
      2. Previous Update  ~ As with many projects we have experienced a few delays with our draftsman, However, our final drawings have been received and we are in material selection phase and can then begin receiving quotes.
    2. Bangkok Child Advocacy Center (Startup):   
      1. April Update  ~ We are excited about this opportunity and the national impact this will have. However, we want to pursue excellence in all our programming. To that end, we have decided to put this project on pause as we focus on finalizing the vocational training center and building a strong base from there.
      2. Previous Update  ~ We have been asked by the Royal Thai police to partner with them in helping to support and open the flagship child advocacy center in Bangkok. We have verbally agreed to help, but have recommended that we start small at first and then scale as necessary and even try to find grants if possible.  This is an incredible privilege an opportunity to help support Thailand and create best practices for the entire country.  Please be praying with us for  wisdom.
    3. Weekly Hair & Nails Outreach ~ ($500/mth) Providing a safe environment for exploited women to connect with women believers. They receive some simple pampering from people who expect nothing in return except to begin building trusting relationships.
    4. Child Advocacy Center Phuket ~ K. Ning & K Pla ($4500/mth includes rent, programming costs and 2 staff role): This is a partnership with the Royal Thai Police. We will providing community development programming and training for children and families in the northern part of Phuket.
      1. April Update  ~ We have participated in a regional assessment with The Code resulting in a recommendation from both private and public sectors that the Child Advocacy Center should be relocated closer to city center to be in closer proximity to the various government agencies. We have agreed with this assessment and have begun the process of moving locations which is planned for this Summer.
      2. Previous Update ~ We have been asked to participate in a province wide campaign against sex tourism sponsored by . This will allow us to provide follow up anti trafficking resources to businesses and hotels.
    5.  Baking Project – Staff and programming costs ($2500/mth):  Viyada and her husband have been volunteers with us right from the beginning. They have an incredible story of restoration. They actually met here in the party district decades ago and God has brought this beautiful restoration to their story. Viyada has been serving as our baking project director. However, she will be moving, once this new position is filled, to becoming the discipleship director.
      1. April Update  ~ We have accepted our next student into the program and are looking to add 2 more. 
      2. Previous Update  ~ Our first student will graduate later this month. We are so proud of her and will update in the next newsletter

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