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Because we value transparency in our programming and finances we provide this page as a resource to the ministry partners of this work in Phuket.  We have broken down our work in three categories. Prevention, Intervention and Restoration.  Our budget for 2019 is approx. $230KCAD/yr, as we fully launch all our programs.  Through one time gifts we have been able to maintain past budgets, but are trusting for an increase in monthly donors to helps us budget and plan more effectively this coming year  We are so very grateful for your support and trust.  If there are ever any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  For Him!

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  1. Prevention – Child Advocacy Center This is a partnership with the Royal Thai Police, Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and other international agencies including the FBI and Homeland Security. We provide a physical location for forensic interviews of exploitation victims, facility, logistic support for local and international abuse cases and awareness/capacity training events for public and government staff.
    1. June Update – Our new social worker is an absolute gift to our team. She has already been in contact with about 20 schools and we are in early planning stages to develop an in depth 2 year anti porn partnership with Thai schools.  While this is an ambitious project, we are excited to share more and praying for the Lord to lead in this.
    2. April/May Update
      1. New again – Our previous social worker has decided to transition in April due to health concerns. We immediately began a new search and are excited to announce the hire of a new worker. She begins on June 10 and comes very highly recommended.  We are excited how she will help catalyze our work to greater impact into the future.
  2. Intervention:  We support law enforcement initiatives in relation to local and international exploitation cases.  This includes various  support services as needed.
    1. June Update – We are continuing to support law enforcement with actives cases as they are brought to us. 
    2. April/May Update
      1. Expanded Reach – Our intelligence partnership continues to move forward. We are excited to have had conversations with represented from a large anti exploitation group from the UK. We have had initial meetings in discussing their goals and how FFI might be able to partner with them in supporting new initiatives in the South of Thailand.
      2. New Case Work – We continue to work with government agencies to support their efforts in supporting families. we wish we could say more, but we hope to be able to publicly share in teh months ahead.  Please continue to pray for us as we seek to serve wisely and faithfully.
  3. Restoration – Vocational training  Our Phuket office is the central location for all vocational training services which include a bakery program, salon program,  ESL, family and finance education and biblical discipleship classes. 
    1. June Update – We had an agency contact us this past month with two cases in desperate need of foster care. unfortunately the program is not yet finalized and will likely take until the end of the year. However, even though the situation was difficult it was encouraging to see foster care becoming an option for people to consider. We believe this will be one of our most significant undertakings over the next few years. Not only in financial scope to support the region, but on the physical, emotional and spiritual impact on young lives
    2. April/MayUpdate
      1. Foster Care – We will continue to move forward the initial foster care program for Phuket. However, we are presenting to the Thai church ministerial at the end of May to take initial steps of informing and hopefully  involving the Thai church in becoming trained and the eventual primary care givers of children in need.  We believe this will be one of the most significant opportunities to impact children and share the Gospel.
      2. Student Sponsorship – After requests and trial and error, we are glad to launch our first student sponsorship program . You can now sponsor individual students as they journey through a year of intensive study.  You can see the students here and join along with their journey. Sponsors will receive updates on school progress, prayer requests and additional information.
  4. Global Church – While not officially part of our social justice programming, we see it as a privilege to partner with the Church and equip believers in their experience of Gods work around the world and provide an environment where the Holy Spirit might call people to grow deeper with Jesus and others regardless of where they live.  To that end our team is dedicated to serving the global Church in the following ways..
    1. Short Term Mission Trips – We host short term teams, primarily in the Fall months, to participate in exposure trips designed specifically to learn about international ministry and specifically, social justice ministry programming in Phuket.
      1. Canadian trips click here
      2. US trips click here
      1. Internships & Apprenticeship – We also partner with churches and Bible colleges by providing opportunities for students to visit Thailand as part of their internship requirements. Internships are generally 6-12 months in length and apprenticeships 2 years.
        1. Canadian internship application click here
        2. US internship application click here 
      2. Gap ProgramsJustice Semester was created to provide 18-24 year olds a gap year experience to grow deeper in Jesus, Others and the Oppressed while living in Phuket, Thailand for 3 months.  You can read more about this right here.
        1. Get you info package here
  5. June Update
    1. We recently had additional planning meetings and we are excited to begin identifying new areas in Thailand but also new countries for further international church planting.
  6. Jan/February Update
    1. International church Planting – We are excited to announce that we have begun the process of working with two Alliance churches in Canada to bring leadership to a new international church, church planting network in SE Asia.  We are excited to see this grow and reach the many expats living in the countries in this region and how these churches would also play a significant role of being in mission in their respective countries

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