We work to interrupt the demand and recruitment of trafficking by educating the next generation. We work hard to change the conditions that allow slavery to persist.

Awareness: When more people learn that slavery still exists, the anti-slavery movement gains energy and strength. Educate yourself, your friends and your neighbors. Talk and empower your self and others to abolish slavery in this generation.

Education: Internationally, we partner with to provide education and empowerment to young men. Additionally we create shareable media with the intent to raise awareness around current issues.

Locally, we partner to provide health education and HIV checks to those that lack access.

Community Development: We partner with existing organizations or initiate self led programs to provide education and projects that meet a physical need in communities. These are based on a community needs assessment.


We seek to intervene, through governments and partners, in key situations to provide protection to those in unsafe environments.

Rescue: We are available to support partner organizations that have existing relationships with government offices and law enforcement to facilitate rescue efforts as needed.

Safe Homes: We partner with existing organizations to provide safe homes to those that may be at risk and those that are needing a safe environment once rescued.


We come alongside people to provide safe environments for them to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Training – We seek to provide vocational training that brings new hope to dreams long lost. This is often through counselling, vocational training and language learning.

Documentation – Many survivors and marginalized people lack proper legal documentation. We strive to facilitate the steps necessary in order to help each person receive proper legal status and be recognized as a contributing member of society.