At For Freedom International, we do everything we can to support inspiring and effective freedom initiatives around the world. Whenever possible, we support existing organizations, and, when appropriate, we fill identified gaps with new initiatives.


Contextual Research

We work to assess the need in each given location. Whenever possible, we partner with the community, other organizations, and the government, which helps to create a holistic approach in each community.”

Selecting a Partner

We select partners based on how well they support our mission to break chains of oppression so that people have the opportunity to encounter Christ, live in freedom, and change the world. We assess the quality of their programs to assess how capable they are at meeting each identified need. In order to ensure that funds are used responsibly, we also look at their operational capacity and fiduciary responsibility. Every new or potential partner is subject to this vetting process.


Increasing Capacity

We partner with existing local experts and seek to increase their capacity or to fill a gap in the restoration process by creating a new resource or alternative.

Working With Local Governments

The local government plays a major a crucial part in community development. We try, whenever possible, to partner with the government to support their initiatives and to receive their feedback on any of our projects. This strengthens local ownership and can help build local capacity to maintain projects for years to come.


Measure Everything

You can’t cure what you can’t count. We like to measure everything because we believe every number has a name and every name matters! That’s why we work with all our partners to follow up with them through systematic monitoring of all programs and communities we work with.

Even More Accountability

Additionally, we seek to create vigilant accountability measures in place for ourselves to ensure we maximize our time, money, and efforts to bring freedom to those who only dream of it.


Keep Dreaming & Don’t Quit!

We are filled with optimism and anticipation at all that can and will be accomplished as more people are given the opportunity to release their creativity ability through new found freedom!