What We’re Doing For Freedom

FFI recognizes that exploitation is a multidimensional issue, so we employ a multifaceted approach to combat the problem of oppression.


FFI values developing local capacity and God-given potential. Through our Child Advocacy Centre, we are training local students and teachers how to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation. Through participatory community development, we are working to see local marginalized communities economically self-sustaining. Finally, through exposure trips, internships, Justice Semesters, we are raising international awareness of systemic oppression that can only be put to an end when we work together.


When cases of child labour or child abuse arise, FFI is committed to protecting these vulnerable children alongside local law enforcement and social services. To further fight for the safety of children, FFI is working to develop a foster care program in conjunction with the local church. We are also working to reach victims of exploitation in the midst of the brokenness around them in order to extend friendship, care, and hope, assisting with international repatriation when needed.


For Freedom International believes in empowering those who have been marginalized or exploited, and so we provide training and dignified vocational opportunities in the baking and salon industries, alongside counselling, discipleship, and courses in life skills.

Together, we can strive for freedom through projects that support prevention, intervention, and restoration from the oppression of the vulnerable and marginalized.


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There Is Still a Huge Task Ahead

But Together, We Can Strive for Freedom!

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